DNC Open NK 2008

Dertiende The Hague Open

Open kampioenschap van Nederland

DNC Open NK 2008

Again there will be an international draughts tournament organised near the beach in The Hague. A tournament for everyone: young and old, strong players and beginners. Combine playing draughts with a holiday on the beach! And in 2008 the tournament again has the formal status of Dutch Open! The tournament will be played from Saturday July 12th to (and including) Saturday July 19th.

Playing schedule

The time schedule is as follows:

Saturday12 July11.00 hrRegistration
  12.00 hrOpening and first round
Sunday13 July12.00 hrSecond round
  19.00 hrPark Blitz tournament
Monday14 July12.00 hrThird round
Tuesday15 July10.00 hrFourth round
  16.00 hrFifth round
Wednesday16 July12.00 hrSixth round
Thursday17 July12.00 hrSeventh round
  20.00 hrDisco Blitz tournament
Friday18 July12.00 hrEigth round
Saturday19 July10.00 hrNineth round
  16.00 hrClosing ceremony


The tournament will be played in BowlingWorld Zuiderpark at Mr. P. Droogleever Fortuynweg 79. Drinks are available at affordable prices.

Participation fee and prices

Participants have to pay the following fees:

SeniorsEUR 35,-
Youth and Internationaal MastersEUR 17,50
International GrandmastersFree

These fees are valid until July 1st. After this date it is 40 resp 20 euro and can only be paid cash just before the opening ceremony.

With 100 participants there is a guranteed price of EURO 3500,-. There are prices for the five strongest players:

Main rankingPrice
First placeEUR 1000,-
Second placeEUR 500,-
Third placeEUR 400,-
Fourth placeEUR 300,-
fifth placeEUR 200,-

There are also prices for several sub-classes, like rating classes women, youth, etc. The first three in each rating class can win the following prices:

Rating klassementPrijs
First placeEUR 100,-
Second placeEUR 50,-
Third placeEUR 25,-

Starting from 2008 there is also a club class. From all participants from the same club the results of the three best players are added. Prices are available for the three best clubs.
The ranking is determined by three players X, Y en Z from the same club, taking into account the following conditions:
- player X has a rating of maximum 1399 (maximum A-categorie)
- player Y has a rating of maximum 1249 (maximum B-categorie)
- player Z has a rating of maximum 1099 (maximum C-categorie)
The score is determined by:
a - the points of the three players X, Y and Z,
b - the weerstandspunten,
c - the result of player X
d - the result of player Y


Participants have their own responsibility for accommodation. There are a lot of possibilities in pensions, hotels en appartments in Scheveningen (if you are quick), a very short list:


Participants may subscribe by paying the fee to Postbank account 5826700 of Committee The Hague Open, Den Haag. If this is not possible to you can also send an email to Alex Kruyshoop. Please give your name, address and phone number.

Tournament organisation

The tournament is organised by Foundation The Hague Open. The following persons form the Board of this foundation:

President and Public RelationsFred IvensDamclub Den Haag
Secretary GeneralCor StapperDamclub Den Haag
Treasurer and SponsoringJan KokDamclub Den Haag
Tournament SecretaryAlex KruyshoopDamclub Den Haag
Activities and SponsoringRichard van Diggelepersonal title
AdjunctPatrick StorkDamclub Den Haag

DNC De Nederlanden Compagnie N.V.

Van Leeuwen & Meurs

Caminada Notarissen - vandenberg drukwerken - Hupfer Benelux

Unit 4 Agresso N.V. - Haeghe Groep - SCT Accountants

BowlingWorld Zuiderpark - Holcim Betonproducten B.V.

Swadenburgerdam Participatie B.V. - A+ Salarisverwerking en advies

Combinations BV - Karwei Bouwmarkt - Universal Marine Investments B.V

Den Haag Topsport