Internationaal damtoernooi - Den Haag


Again there will be an international draughts tournament organised near the beach in The Hague. A tournament for everyone: young and old, strong players and beginners. Combine playing draughts with a holiday on the beach!

Tournament schedule

The time schedule is as follows:

Day Date Time What
Saturday 13 July 11.00 hr Registration
    12.00 hr Opening en first round
Sunday 14 July 12.00 hr Second round
    19.00 uur Beach Blitz tournament
Monday 15 July 12.00 hr Third round
Tuesday 16 July 10.00 hr Fourth round
    16.00 hr Fifth round
Wednesday 17 July 12.00 hr Sixth round
Thursday 18 July 12.00 hr Seventh round
    20.00 hr "Disco Blitz" toernooi
Friday 19 July 12.00 hr Eighth round
Zaterdag 20 July 10.00 hr Nineth round
    16.00 hr Closing ceremony


The tournament will be played in the Carlton Beach Hotel at the beach in Scheveningen, The Hague. There will be a large hall equipped with air-conditioning. Drinks are available at low prices. From the hotel you directly walk onto the nice beach or to the boulevard with a lot of restaurants and pubs.

Fee and prices

Participants have to pay the following fees:

Category Fee
Senior (20+) EUR 30,-
Youth and international masters (MI) EUR 15,-
International grandmasters (GMI) free

With 100 participants there is a guranteed price of EURO 3000,-. There are prices for the five strongest players:

First place EUR 600,-
Second place EUR 500,-
Third place EUR 400,-
Fourth place EUR 300,-
Fifth place EUR 200,-

There are also prices for several sub-classes, like rating classes women, youth, etc. The first three in each rating class can win the following prices:

First place EUR 100,-
Second place EUR 50,-
Third place EUR 25,-


There are a lot of possibilities in pensions, hotels en appartments in Scheveningen (if you are quick), a very short list:

  • Kijkduinpark, Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan 50, 2555 NW Den Haag, (070) 4482100
  • Camping Duinhorst, Bhrtweg 135, 2244 BH Wassenaar, (070) 3242270
  • Carlton Beach Hotel, Gevers Deynootweg 201, 2586 HZ Den Haag, (070) 3541414
  • Budget Hotel El Cid, Badhuisweg 51, 2587 CC Den Haag, EURO 18,= tot 30.=. (070) 3546667
  • On 50 meters from Carlton Beach Hotel: Strandhotel, Zeekant 111, 2586 JJ Den Haag, EURO 35,= tot 85.=. (070) 3540193


Participants may subscribe by paying the fee to Postbank account 5826700 of Committee The Hague Open, Den Haag. If this is not possible to you can also send an email to Alex Kruyshoop. Please give your name, address and phone number.

Tournament organisation

The tournament organisation is almost the same as in 2001:

President Gerard de Groot Damclub Den Haag
Secretary General Ina Liem Damclub Den Haag
Treasurer Jan Kok Damclub Den Haag
Gaming secretary Fred Versteeg ODB/Haeghe PV
Tournament secretary Alex Kruyshoop Damclub Den Haag
Adjunct Fred Ivens RDG/DIO

ORAP Consulting Group - Sportstad Den Haag

Koornstra & Co BV - Carlton Beach Hotel

Enermet - HABA - Stimuka

Haeghe Groep - SCT Accountants

Business Haaglanden - Kasteel Diever

Corps 3 op Twee - Stomerij Intercleaning