World Championship 2010

Draughts for Juniors and Girls

15-21 December 2010 - Westland


Welcome to the miracle world called Westland!

Decisiveness, innovation and creativity are key words in this region, its vast horticultural area being one of the most important key ports of our country. Always trying to think one move ahead is the motto here. Hence the world championships draughts for juniors and girls fits this region so well. How did Corporation The Hague Open end up in the middle of De Glazen Stad (The city of glass), only 15 kilometres from the centre of The Hague? Well then, having organized the Hague international summer draughts tournament The Hague Open for 15 years, we were ready for 'something else in the sphere of draughts'. If the signs do not deceive us this World Championschip will be a unique event in a unique region: the Westland region!