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DamWeb offers free Java applets for use in WWW-pages about international draughts. The applets can be used to show positions but also to show complete games or fragments of games. The applets will be freely available as long as DamWeb exists.


By including the following code in your home page you can use the Viewer applet.

CODE = "webdam.Viewer.class"
NAME = "webdam"
ARCHIVE ="webdam/Viewer.jar"
WIDTH = 360
HEIGHT = 240
ALIGN = middle>
<PARAM NAME="options" VALUE="bgcolor: b0c0a0; notation:right">
<PARAM NAME="position" VALUE="WMWP1627283233343537384045BP0712141819212324252629">
<PARAM NAME="notation" VALUE="343025343731263732412143353024443322233222171221162914194137071237321218454019234034">

In the <APPLET> tag you can change the WIDTH, HEIGHT, HSPACE, VSPACE and ALIGN options to change the size of the applet. It is recommended that the width is always larger than the height.

In the <PARAM> tags the start position and notation is given. The position parameter is a string containing the start position of the game fragment. It consists of a sequence of 2-character codes with the following meaning:
WM: White to move in starting position
BM: Black to move in starting position
WP: The following numbers are squares with a white man (pieces)
WK: The following numbers are squares with a white king
BP: The following numbers are squares with a black man (pieces)
BK: The following numbers are squares with a black king
A square number (01 to 50) is always two characters with a leading zero if necessary.

The position string must always start with either WM or BM. If the position parameter is omitted, the standard 20-20 starting position is used. So for demonstrating a complete game you can omit this parameter.

The notation parameter is a string with the moves. It consists of a sequence of 4-character codes. Each code is one move. The 4-character code consists of the starting en ending square of the move, including leading zeros for the square if necessary.

Example with notation
Example without notation

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